5 Jun 2013

To the death

The darkness was filled with fear
unknown quantities there
lurking in wait for her
the thrill of delivering the scare.

He stepped out grimacing
used his eyes to express
desire and obsession
tearing off her flimsy dress.

She stood tall unbending fierce
in the face of danger
yet it was in contrast
to her fear of the stranger.

A lurch forward arms outstretched
to grab a hold of her
a braver woman would have screamed
she froze made not a murmur

The strength in his fingers felt
so tight around her neck
closing shut her airways
he was much more than a threat.

Unexpectedly she fought
refusing to give in
fighting for her young life
that was still yet to begin.

He saw the defiance flare
up and challenge him back
releasing his neck hold
he gave her an almighty smack.

She fell back against the wall
tearing skin from her hand
all bloodied and lashed out
at the murderous man.

Others had fought till their death
this girl had stamina
his power was greater
he would triumph a winner.

Striking out gasping for air
she didn’t want to die
he didn’t know her strength
and he couldn’t win this fight.

It carried on for quite a
while as each battled on
neither willing to stop
both determined to win.

She was scared that all of her
energy was gone and
realised the end was
near as she struggled to still stand

He was dying and he knew
that five more minutes would
see him take his last breath
and lay down where he once stood.

On the stroke of midnight they
both gave up their long fight
falling to the ground where
each other were their last sight.


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