4 Jun 2013

Inspiration strikes

Good Afternoon,

For you.

Inspiration Strikes

Drifting into view unannounced and all consuming
Swirling around amongst the debris of each day
Bending with the will of the igniters direction
Spiralling away from its beginnings until its almost a haze
Circling back to meet the crest of bigger ideas, to be twisted and turned and toasted
Rolling away as the uninspired are discarded
Winding their roots to the base and clinging with hope to stay
Swinging back up to meet those who first made claim and then
Curving away to corners of a square mind to forcibly bring calm
A still flat ripple free calm that’s full of anticipation as beneath its surface it lies barely dormant
Waiting for the moment for life to spring
Back into old ideas and into new as the cycle begins.

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