8 Apr 2013

Them & US: G is for Grimm!

I chose Grimm because it was the first to come to mind. Since starting this challenge I had remembered other shows but days after the post and so unusable so please bear that in mind :D

I began watching this on a recommendation from...could it have been Keebs over at Keebles World? Anyway, I started watching it and instantly liked it. Here is what IMDB has to say:

In modern day Portland, Oregon, a police detective inherits the ability to see supernatural creatures.

It is also given a rating of 7.6 which is pretty high and which I will agree with for now (as we have only seen one season or is it two?)

What I like

I like that it is based on Grimms fairy tales
I like the vegetarian werewolf
I like that it is a police drama first and sci-fi second.

What I dont like

The special effects.
Some of the casting choices for guest appearances.
That no-one notices that the detective liked to hang out in a caravan.

Other 'G' shows

Golden Girls, Growing pains, Glory Daze - I liked this a lot but always felt that being set in the 80's would limit its chances of recommission it had a great ensemble cast though who I had hoped would be re-cast in another TV show but as of yet I am still waiting for this to happen. Green Acres...as a kid I cannot tell you how much I loved this show! It makes no sense but I did. I nearly forgot GLEE...which I havent watched in a while as I want to smash Lea Micheles face in with a shovel so she will stop screeching! Too harsh? Maybe. hehe. 

What are your favourite 'G' shows? Is there an actor/actress who grates on you?


  1. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award! Go to anovelreality.blogspot.com for details. Congratulations!

    Jana @ A Novel Reality

  2. I keep hearing about that show. I'll have to check it out!

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah With Joy)

  3. I've seen only the first season and the first episodes of the second, and must say it was entertaining. Nick was too much of the classic hero = boring, but Monroe was just precious. Cap Renard was also a really interesting character. Oh my, now I sudddenly want to go and catch up with this show!

    1. Nick is quite dull BUT watch the rest! heheheh

  4. I do love Grimm, I think it has done a much better job than Once Upon a Disney. :P I especially love the quotes in the beginning :) It is not always equally well done, but it has had its highlights. So far, the Rumpelstiltskin episode was the best.
    Happy A to Z!

    1. Rumpelstiltskin was good :D Some are just ok, but some have been really well done and I am still enjoying it. I watch some of season one of Once upon a time and found it hard to get invested into.

  5. This show started not long after Once and I really tried so hard to like it, but I just couldn't get into it. It was just fairy tale overload considering how many times I watch each episode of Once.

    And I absolutely HATE Glee! (but don't tell Tony!).

    1. We are opposites with these shows! lol what?! TOOOOONNNNNYYYYYYYYY! lol!


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