8 Apr 2013

PST: G is for...groups!


When I am talking about groups, I am talking about both travelling with an organised group and also taking part in a group activity.

I have never personally travelled with an organised group but I do know people who have done so and thoroughly enjoyed it. In some cases it has been a stepping stone to their own independent travel and I can see the benefits that it has to offer. If you want to travel but are worried about being alone then this is definitely an option worth considering. I have even considered it myself. The reason I havent is because I like to do my own thing on my own time and not to have to rush if I dont want to or stay longer if I dont want to...the control freak is back!

The other group, is the tour group, and when I went to New York I went on The Accomplice tour. It was a nightmare and I wrote about it in one of my New York Series posts (see page) - by nightmare, I mean I panicked and was ultra paranoid right up until the tour started and then had a great time and was even mistaken for a mole! Not a small mammal mole but a spy! hahaha

You should definitely try a group tour as other than being fun and a change from the norm you may also discover some great restaurant/travel tips too!

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  1. Groups = people = panic! Give me solo anyday!


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