5 Apr 2013

PST: E is for...entertainment!

I know, why would this be important to a Paranoid solo Traveller? Let me tell you why…


I don’t think I am alone in saying that the only negative thing about traveling alone is loneliness at meal times…or more specifically at dinner or if you go out for the evening. This can somehow be alleviated by planning on going out to a show or an event in the evening where you can meet other travelers. Even when travelling with others I have met solo travelers so it isn’t so unheard of. 

Last year when I was in New York it proved to be a definite perk! I queued up in Times Square to get my tickets to the show that I wanted and because it was a single seat I was able to get a really good one with great views. If shows are your thing then you will be a very happy traveler indeed.

I recently went to a music gig alone after my friend cancelled last minute (after waiting a whole year) and although I hated the thought of it when I was there some nice people sat next to me and I sort of joined them for the duration which was great because I wasn’t alone! I had a great time and was so glad that I hadn’t backed out.

I know myself that if I am somewhere with others and I meet someone who is alone I have a tendency to want to adopt them especially at meal times and after a few days without company it can be nice. Another example is that whilst in New York, the day before my last night there I met another solo traveler in the hostel (‘H’ post) and we decided to spend the day together, we went to Columbia University, Central Park, met her friend for lunch, went to a shop as a friend wanted something specific and then went to Dinner. We had a great time and are still in touch even now. I would not necessarily have done this if I had been travelling alone.

Be brave! Think positive! Smile! And above all else make the most of it. Have you any tips about entertainment on holiday for the solo traveler? I should add you will need some of that Attitude (‘A’ post).


  1. Oh, my little British sister, how different we are! There is nothing I enjoy more travelling alone than eating alone! I absolutely HATE it when somebody I don't know invites me to eat with them (and then subsequently gets bent out of shape when I refuse)! Like I'm some sort of poor leper who needs a family to eat with to be "normal"! I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me at Disney World (no, I take that back, I can tell you, every.single.meal).

    Besides, you get in, get your food, and get out...no conversation, waiting for them to get their food so you can eat yours, have to smell their food that you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, etc.

    Plus, travelling alone (and thinking from a strictly Disney POV), you get to ride rides alone and rarely have to share a seat with someone else (because everyone else travels with someone). You don't have to stand around in stores while "someone" takes their bloody time looking at merchandise that took you all of two seconds to scour. Someone else goofing up your perfectly planned itinerary because they are bored, or sick, or tired, or hungry, or don't want to do what you have scheduled?

    But then again, when you are broke and your companion's not...I'm just sayin! Of course I have a very specific companion in mind (as you well know), so maybe I'm a bit jaded in my travelling companion guide to the world!

    1. You've misunderstood me slightly. I hate shopping. I prefer to do this alone. I love being able to do whatever I want when I want. I love to have my own schedule. But meal times (and really mainly evenings) I would like some company. I may adopt you but you'd love it! Plus I can sit in silence with people :) :p


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