22 Apr 2013

#Monday Mixer: Victorious

Its been three weeks since I last participated in Monday Mixer hosted by Jeffrey Hollar at The Latinum Vault. This week was pretty tricky and I needed more words,but I cut it down to 150,

Feedback is always welcome as usual and here it is:

As Jeff accelerated around each hairpin bend he gripped the steering wheel for dear life, he was as surprised as the spectators that he didn’t lose control and veer off the racetrack that clung to the cliff edge.
The car careened around the last bend and the wheels hit the ground with a thud.
He was neck and neck with his most zealous competitor. Having competed against each other many times, Jeff had yet to win, and Neil’s paroxysm that caused him trouble on and off the track is what gave him the edge.  Jeff was loathed to be another victim.
Feeling seditious, Jeff opted to pass quickly on the inside; Neil had been weaving across the road in an ardent attempt to block him.  Jeff saw his chance, never slowing, he passed and glanced across in time to see Neil’s car disappear over the edge.
I used the following words: racetrack, paroxysm, seditious.


  1. powerful vision. Felt like I was in the race!Love the way your final sentence often causes a sharp intake of breath and an "oh".

  2. Time flies! This might be one of my favorites (and I don't even like racing!).

    1. Really? Thanks Keebs, that means a lot x


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