23 Oct 2012

Tuesday Truth: How d'you like them apples?

Welcome, welcome, one and all! Roll up, roll up to the Tuesday ball!

So (in the words of the great artist Pink) lets get this party started!

I don't know if writing a post entitled Tuesday Truth is such a great idea, up until today I have probably written about 100 posts expressing my own personal truths about certain subjects. These posts have never been published.

So what happened to them? 

I tend to get inspired whilst at work, I then walk home and spend 35 minutes composing in my head a very wordy and groundbreaking rant about said subject. As I reach home, I come to the conclusion that it is probably best to keep my opinions to myself, and whatever had irked me enough to cause this cerebral rant to the nth degree has now been worked through. The post is no more and it disappears as quickly as it came about. There have even been instances where I have clicked on 'New Post' and started in with something like...

I just don't understand some people...

Most of my rants start of like this buried in my confusion at how some people just don’t have any common sense/logic/self-respect/self-awareness and the list goes on, all the time holding myself up as an example of a logical self-respecting self-aware open minded…fool.

However, I recently came upon a post about…

What to write on your blog to get/keep followers 

Now please don’t judge me here, I wasn't attempting to find a way to lure followers – I love the people who visit here already and take the time to say ‘Hi!’ just so that I feel I am not talking to myself – but mainly because I love these advice posts. Usually, they give you advice that you should follow to the letter in order to be successful in any way, but all the time I am reading them I am thinking...

I disagree! 

You see, I can find a reason/excuse whatever you want to call it, a defense maybe for anything – so you are telling everyone how you invented the wheel and sliced bread (and the guide tells you this will scare people away) – maybe you are just that fantastic, maybe you are insecure and are hoping that if you act this way and say these things then you will become the best thing since sliced bread or invent (another) wheel, but things are never that black and white and some people love wheel inventors and bread slicers. I know I do.

But, I have digressed…a lot…because what I wanted to say was that the guide said that you should add something of yourself to your blog so that your readers could connect with you…it makes sense and so I figured that every week I would write some non-fiction so that you could get to know me – and the last time I wrote some was on Thursday. I completely forgot that the prompt was a bonus prompt and so my big plans for Tuesday/Thursday truths were scuppered before they began. So...

Brace yourself

I have decided that I will just have to come up with my own prompt on a Tuesday/Thursday and write from that. It’s a crazy idea. If you have any prompts to contribute then let me know, really, it only takes a second to add a comment, I have no robot test, I welcome comments from robots. I've seen bicentennial man, I’m not an idiot ;)

I know that these posts that aren't linked to blog hops or challenges or celebrities or bands or…well, I think you know what I mean… and they aren't often read or commented on, but I will continue to write them just in case there is one housebound person out there whose computer has frozen accidentally on my website and who is unable to actually escape and thus is forced to read it…and weep!

If you read this, please put a smiley face in the comments or a sad face or a winky face or any face just so I know that I am at least talking to one person out there…yes, that’s you Mum!


  1. Hunh? heheh. Now that was a rant to be proud of. A truly spectacular rant. One of those rants that truly deserve the title... rant.

    Love ya, Hap

  2. i'se a-listening, daughter! I usually do get a front seat for quite a few of your rants so can vouch for them being thoroughly entertaining.
    :-0, :-)

    1. Huh! But i'm always right! right? or at least I think I am for a little why...oh, please let me live in that fantasy!

  3. :) - rant away, I love a good rant ;)

  4. Lol! This is not even me ranting! Eek! You are all going to be in for a surprise on Thursday! Stand back ;)
    Thanks for stopping by Sarah!


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