30 Jul 2012

and it continues..supported by the Olympics!

So, I did some more stitching this weekend as its great to do whilst watching the Olympics, I can't often just sit and watch TV without doing something else at the same time. I am keen to finish this first page as page two has a head in it!! and page three is brown again! :(

But here is my progress..



And here are a few photographs and a clips of the Olympic opening ceremony dress rehearsal that I attended on Monday.

and a little clip too! These drummers were not just here but came down the aisles and were all around the whole stadium, sadly my clip doesn't do it justice.


  1. Wow you did a big chunck of brown! Good progress :D And thanks for the inside photos, they're great!

  2. How exciting that you get to be there in person! I'm catching the action at home on TV. 

  3. Its getting there! I was going to stitch during the gymnastics but my nerves couldn't handle it! 

  4. You get great views from the sofa though as the cameras can cover all angles :)

  5. Great pics!!  I am so jealous!  And your giant jesus head jr (that's what I'm gonna call it until I see something other than browns-I need to take a real pic of the one I did for my Grandmother so you can see the brown-o-rama!). It is coming along really good though. At least there is an end to your brown!

  6. There is - gonna try and stitch some more tonight! 

  7. Oh how cool that you got to see it for real and did you manage to keep it all a secret?


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