23 Jul 2012

50 shades of shi…


I have been quite busy lately writing music reviews, I have been getting great pleasure out of it as it combines two of my favourite things: music and writing. The writing needs practice but listening to music is something I enjoy doing.

It has meant that I have neglected my stitching for a while, and I don’t like to blog here unless its about stitching and the occasional rant. I have a massive rant brewing which I will write tomorrow.

Anyway, the stitching I have been doing has been on the IHSW weekends. Last time I was not inspired by my existing projects and purchased a new kit! Its of a Spanish lady. It is very similar to a HAED in that every part of the picture is stitched, and I am using it as practice for when I eventually get around to doing one. I can already see their appeal.

So during the last IHSW I started the kit. I started in the top left corner on page 1 (of 9) and the colour was brown. This month is the second month of stitching it and I added some more brown and even got to change the shade of brown. Brown, brown and more brown.

So here is the before photo:


And here is the after photo:


Its hard to see how much I have done, but the left-hand side in the after photo is 10 (10x10) squares long and in the before photo is 4 (10x10) squares long. So before I had stitched about 1200 stitches and now I have 2900, so I stitched about 1700 stitches. Which is ok, but I know I was lazy with it and could have done a lot more – so next IHSW the plan is to try and finish the page.

I hope you were more successful this weekend with your stitching and had a lot less brown!

I am off to the London 2012 Olympic dress rehearsal today and have been blessed with glorious sunshine Smile

Update will be combined with rant, so if you like nothing better than listening to a moany old brit then stop by later this week.

Bye for now!

Kate x


  1. I definitely see great progress between the two pictures!

  2. It looks like you made a lot of progress, and it looks nice, too! I think all of the browns would drive me nuts, but you've done so well with it. Good luck with that, and the Olympics event, too!

  3. Great stitching.

  4. Good progress, although you must be fed up with brown by now. Hopefully there will be a new colour soon.

  5. OMG!  You're doing my giant Jesus head!  60 shades of brown it was!!  Hated it after five minutes! To this day I can't stand to stitch brown!

  6. Thanks Dani, I guess there is a bit :)

  7. Its actually not been too bad, to be fair to the browns. Olympic event was brilliant and I am looking forward to seeing it on the telly. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. lol! I wish! The whole page is brown except for about 30 stitches in ....Black! Thanks for comnenting.

  9. Ok, its not 60 shades so I am kind of relieved! Its ok though. Why did you stitch Jesus?! A gift surely? I bet it looks amazing.

  10. Mmmm browns!! I like browns. :D

    Purdy, purdy browns.... chant it like a mantra. LOL!!

    Have fun at the Olympics!!! What will you be doing? Do tell, do tell... or have you and I just haven't read it? LOL!!

  11. wow, great progress! When you get to the confetti stitching you will be craving those browns (at least that is what happens to me!).

  12. Its not as bad as it seems but I will be glad to add some colour - just got to finish this page first. Maybe this weekend I will.
    It was the dress rehearsal and I was just watching. It was better than I imagined and I am keen to see the actual ceremony tonight on the TV. I will be able to post my photo's tomorrow :)

  13. You are probably right! I hate confetti too...hang on a minute? Why do I stitch again, lol, I don't like block colours, I don't like confetti, I don't like half stitches! I must just be a glutton for punishment! That and I like the end result :) Thanks for stopping by.


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