18 Oct 2011

Wool takeover bid!

I had a great weekend but it wasn't a very successful IHSW for me. I stitched absolutely nothing! So no update :( I must do better in November! So from from Friday to Monday it was a craft free life for me - until yesterday afternoon that is.

I had bought some wool with the vouchers I had been given for hobbycraft and was practising different patterns.  I wanted to knit a scarf for a friend (something nice and simple) and I found something I liked.  I haven't yet finished but as I have used chunky wool it should be finished in a couple of hours.  I do really like the effect and might make  a couple more in different colours. What do you think?

I have also wanted to learn how to crochet, which is something I have never done.  I may be slightly crazy but I have joined a CAL (crochet-a-long) on Stitchy McFloss blog and it starts mid-November. I am not entirely sure if it is for beginners but I thought it would be a fun challenge. So please whether you have crocheted before or are a beginner like me - come and join us!

Fear not though I will have to resume stitching at some point this week as I haven't even started on Christmas cards - and the lovely people who helped me celebrate my birthday surely deserve one, right? I am hoping that they only take an evening to make (4hours) and am going to stitch the Margaret Sherry designs that were free with World of Cross Stitching last month (or was it this month?).  I might try one tonight to see how long it will take. I think I will definitely be kept busy :)

Oh! and I nearly forgot - is anyone up for a Christmas exchange? Probably with the intention of posting your finished piece to your exchange partner on 1st December? I know you are all busy but it would be fun. Let  me know in the comments and if you have any ideas? maybe you think it should be a snowman exchange or traditional Christmas then let me know.  I am always open to ideas.

So my stitching/knitting/crochet schedule for now until the end of the year is:

  • 11 Margaret Sherry Christmas cards
  • 6 other Christmas cards
  • 4 felt ornaments
  • 4 chunky knit scarf's
  • 1 Crochet penguin (CAL)
  • A Christmas exchange
  • Geisha Finish

....and hopefully no more distractions (I mean, should I go to the Crafts for Christmas exhibition at the Birmingham NEC in a couple of weeks? Anyone else going?).

I must stop babbling now and read some blogs :)

Okay..a quick update .....the grey scarf is finished and the purple has begum...


  1. The scarf is looking great!

  2. Love the scarf. Looks nice and warm. :D Can't wait to see your finished pic of the purple one.

  3. Thanks both :) It is really warm and soft. I am pleased with how they have turned out. Purple one should be finished tonight - then on to Teal and Cream :)

  4. Your scarves look so warm and cozy! Good luck finishing your other ones

  5. Nice job with the scarves, they look great. I'd like to do an exchange with you. I've never done one before so I don't know how many rules there are but it sounds like fun. Theme wise I vote for Santa, that's my favorite.


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