1 Oct 2011

Oh the shame!

What can I say really but I am currently feeling a little embarrassed. Today started off quite well. I was at the local craft shop at opening time and picked up some wool and some 28ct light blue evenweave. My mum came along as she needed a few bits and she also bought me some new embroidery scissors - I think she was fed up with me borrowing hers. So with the sun shining brightly outside, I decided to stay in and sort out some of my sewing stuff as it was taking over my room. I am back living with my mum after separating from my husband (amicably) a year ago and although the room is large - I just cant seem to find any space.

Over the last year my husband has been bringing my things over, I sort them out and de-clutter and squeeze them into the room,  he came over today with some more stuff.......some sewing stuff.....?!

Its like Christmas - lots of gifts and a trip down memory lane.

I didn't realise I had any AWOL UFO/WIPS. But as it turns out I do. I am quite ashamed at how many things I have started and not finished in the past. It seems to have been a lifelong pattern. On the bright side though I am motivated again and I have lots of projects to swap between to stop me getting bored. I think I am going to try and get them closer to being finished and leave starting anything new until the new year.

I have added some more images to the Cover Kits page - how did I get so many? I also have a few more images on my WIPs page. All I need to do now is decide on a rotation.  Has anyone else lived in ignorant bliss of long lost UFOs?


  1. I'm more of a finisher than a starter, so I have a handful of WIPs, at the most. :) Happy decluttering though, and I'm looking forward to seeing your finishes.

    BTW... are you staying on blogger or moving to Wordpress? I had updated my blogroll to WP, but it was a good think that snooped down your sidebar cos I saw your new posts on here. :) Just wanted to make sure I know where to go. ;)

  2. I hope to be a finisher too soon enough :)

    I am staying on blogger for now - I know, I know, I confuse myself a lot of the time :)

  3. LOL!.... it's good to be in both places at once.... I'll use this on my blogroll. :)


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