29 Sep 2011

So easily distracted.

So, I had it in my head that I would stitch some more of the Ed Hardy skull before I started any new projects BUT..yes, that inevitable BUT..I got distracted (who me?) and thought I would stitch a pumpkin for Halloween.

The pattern suggested Black or White 14 ct aida and 3 shades of orange, 2 shades of green and a black.  I didn't have black or white aida and the only colour I had from the list was black! Did I let that stop me? Noooooo!

I found some dark green aida that I had and decided that would be instead of black. I didn't have any orange DMC but I did have a random bunch of unknown make threads. A bright orange was waving at me and even a lighter orange, a dark green and a black.  I used a rust colour which I inherited from somewhere (ANC 1004) and selected at random two greens I did have. The light green is DMC 164.

Once I started I couldn't stop (even when I went a bit wrong, I just made it up) and am pleased with how it looks. What do you think? The colours are much brighter in reality. I have ideas as to what I will do with it and I will put it in my 'finishing off pile'.

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