8 Oct 2011

I've got POST!!!

This morning my little parcel arrived from Sara with her Lizzie Kate exchange piece inside!  What can I say?  Its absolutely gorgeous and I love it.  It is so tiny too - mine is massive in comparison - and very delicate and lush.  She  also sent me a postcard that she made (and posted about on her blog) and two skeins of variegated thread! And such beautiful colour choices too.

I wasn't going to post until I had finished a little piece I started yesterday evening but I just couldn't wait to let you all see how lovely our exchange has been :), thank you Sara for making it a wonderful experience.

So all this week I have hardly picked up my needle due to the realisation of an oversized pile of WIPs.  I have spent the week however with two needles (knitting). I have only made one very small thing (a Christmas tree and pot) which needs finishing but I am all out of stuffing. I really just practiced casting on and adding stitches etc.  As after all, practice makes perfect!

Then last night I was still mulling over my mini-mid-week-rant and decided to stitch a quotation that I like and then add some decoration around it.  I didn't have any lettering pattern so I have stitched it free-hand.  I know people usually only use one strand but I have opted for two in a very dark blue. I also wanted to add some small motif and searched through some books I have. I found a nice butterfly design in a book called Cross Stitch Art Nouveau by Barbara Hammett which is based on the art of Emile Galle.  I also decided to change the colours of the butterfly too - this is definitely becoming a habit :) - and I intend to backstitch an outline that is not in the original.  This is my progress up to last night.........

The pictures aren't that great - Oops! - but the writing says (I haven't added the dots to the 'i's yet) .....
"In my heart, I think a woman has two options: she is either a feminist or a masochist." 
It is a quote by Gloria Steinem.

I hope to get it all finished this weekend in between life of course! :)

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  1. Very nice work on your exchange pieces by both of you. If your earlier offer still stands I wouldn't mind doing an exchange with you sometime. I like your new sampler too. Good job on the lettering and the butterfly is a nice touch. I've seen that Barbara Hammet book before and really like the designs.


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