16 Sep 2011

A follower?..Me!

Well in celebration of my first and only follower I have added a picture to my profile! Shocking.  I have also just followed all the people who are stitching this weekend as part of IHSW!! Yes! All 55 of them :)

I would just like to say that there are so many talented stitchers out there who have already produced such beautiful work that it makes me proud to be a stitcher.

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  1. What a honour Kate :), don't worry about only having a follower for now because I an assure you that next Monday you'll have at least 55 more "curious cats" wondering what your stitching and cheering you on your progresses. I can tell you that the blog world is a great place to get new friends and friends who share the same interest for cross-stitching, and there's always one of us here to help you with anything you might need :)


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