25 Aug 2021

2021 is almost over...

 Hey there!

Sorry, did I surprise you? I haven't been feeling like I have much  to post this year and each year I seem to have posted less, but I won't let the year pass without an update before my blog anniversary.

Lets see now...

Work is work - I am not loving it right now, but I can't say I am hating it either. We have been through a lot of changes over the past 12 months and I think they has a bigger impact on me than I expected, and I didn't expect much. I am really bad at self-promotion but I need to submit a job application this week and I am hoping I can muster up a good cover letter :) I am actually still working from home, I have been since March 2020 and the first lock down and I am now used to it, returning to the office is something that our organisation isn't rushing to do, as we are still figuring out new ways of working and what that looks like for us. I like working from home, it suits my introvert nature, and we are lucky enough that my sons grandparents are able to care for him when he is not in pre-school. This guy keeps me company! 

Family is family - Beau is going  to be three and a half this month, which is crazy, and goes back to pre-school in two weeks. I think he enjoys it there. It is also the term where we go and visit primary schools and submit our application with our school choices. I actually visited one back in June, and was probably that annoying parent who asked lots of questions (or rather I know I was). It was a socially distanced visit in groups of two sets of parents. I need to visit either virtually or in person the other two potential options to make sure that the choice I make is the right one. Its crazy, as where I live there are a lot of primary schools but only one secondary school! Maybe when Beau is going to secondary school we will have another one. Health wise we are ok, I broke my ankle two weeks ago when I went out for some fresh air, so I really should stop doing  that, lol. 

Stitching is stitching - So, I have had my usual burst of Autumn stitch mojo but I was getting quite annoyed with the amount of frogging and recounting I am doing, even with using pattern keeper. So I started a stamped kit  which meant I didn't have to count, and although everywhere says they are for beginners - I found it pleasurable to make progress and not have gone wrong. So I think they are also for people who hate frogging too. I just with there was more variety. As it happens the one I am doing I bought in error a couple of years ago, but matches a cross stitch design my mum had stitched for herself so in my desperation I started stitching on it. Not expecting to see much of anything meant I was glad that it actually looks quite nice for two evenings stitching.  

I also stitched some more on Elizabeth Almonds 'Save the Stitches', I restarted it actually as I wasn't happy with the dark blue fabric. It stitches up quite quickly but some of the designs are really tricksy. I actual have a Facebook page dedicated to this project and that spurred me on to stitch a bit more on it, ideally I need to do a quadrant per month. 

I picked up my Needles Notions Santa and finished an arm...

I also stitched some more on Owl Forests freebie design for Wizard of Oz, I am doing this in my own colourway using DMC etoile threads. I really enjoy stitching with these threads and like the effect, so its a win win.

And lastly I had a new start .. Country Cottage Needleworks..

Apologies for the poor quality pictures, I must try harder!

Lastly, some stitching also took place...Beau decided to give it a go! I do not have one of those children to whom I gave the needle and they created a mini picasso (i watched a video clip yesterday and the tiniest child was making fancy dough cakes?!) but he chose the colours he wanted to use and I held the fabric.

It's quite obviously (i dont know that you need telling its that obvious) a frog on a pond. 

So, I am quite addicted to watching peoples WIP parades at the moment so if you have a youtube channel I can stalk watch you on then please add it below, I am even one of those people who watch stitch with me's, or rather stitch along. 

I missed taking part in the Olympics stitching challenge that my friend Tiff was doing at TiffStitches and so am going to do my own challenge for the paralympics...not sure what yet...but something! 

I recently went to Rhosilli Bay in Wales, so should really do a travel review on that as it was a lovely trip and I have some great pics.

Till next time! 

Kate x

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