1 Apr 2017

A to Z Challenge: Letter A

This year I have set myself a stitching project, I have to do it as its a birthday gift for someone in May! I had convinced myself that it started on Monday but no, it starts today! I will try not to forget...and most importantly...get stitching!

Anyhoo...today is the letter A...oh...the theme? It slipped my mind, I have a tendency to think you all know and are inside my head, doh!

The theme is the arcade game Bubble Bobble, and each letter will be represented by a character or item from the game that the player needs to collect. What I like about it,is all the bright colours and what I don't like is the fact that I will be stitching it on black even weave, although admittedly, it does make the colours pop even more.

I won't be writing much about them each day as I shall be focussed on the stitches...but it will definitely be a challenge!

Today is an item from the game, an Aubergine. One of these will get you 20 points. 


  1. Great start Kate. I will enjoy seeing your progress. Can you tell me the designer of the chart.


    1. It was designed by my boyfriend :)

  2. Nice start! And very cool background info too. :)


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