8 Jan 2017

Sunday update and Top 5 Tuesday theme for this week #1

Happy Sunday everyone :)

I have made  little more progress on QS HNE...

and I have actually stitched  little more than shown above, but not much. So lets see what this week will bring.

I was given  Dolls house kit for Christmas, its the Classical Georgian House and basement and you have to build it and decorate it all yourself, so that is another project that you may see the occasional update on (or at least read about) and I may ask questions!

I've also recently discovered there is a magazine about Crime TV dramas - the perfect stitchy accompaniment - and the new series of 'Endeavour' begins today so with that in mind, the first Top Five Tuesday theme of 2017 is...

Top 5 TV detectives

If you do decide to take part then please drop me a comment on Tuesday so I will come take a look at your choices :)

Till Tuesday then....happy stitching xx


  1. Nice stitching. I have a doll house kit as well, that is languishing at the bottom of a tote - Victorian if I remember correctly. Hmmm, maybe I should find some time to give it a little attention.

    1. I think this is the perfect moment to dig it out and give it some attention! :)

  2. I used to draw the inside of dollhouses all the time as a kid...maybe it was some deep-seeded desire to build one! I will be watching your progress closely!

    I'll have to give the detective thing a hard think...my list might end up a bit weird!

    1. Weird is good! and any advice, tips etc greatly appreciated :)

  3. Nice progress. I'll see if I can get a post up tomorrow for Top 5 Tuesdays. :) That sounds like a good magazine too.

    1. I couldnt resist so ordered the back issues as its only quarterly and has only been out a year, im gonna be so happy when they arrive! lol Look out or squees and random pics heheheh.

      I hope you feel well enough to take part tomorrow :) I always look forward to yours and keebs lists.


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