31 May 2016

Month end!

Hey there,

So I kinda had a month off almost to recover, lol! I am not quite sure what from but there you go.

So what have I been doing? Having bouts of stitchy moments and generally thinking about doing things and not doing them. This month I am going to attempt to do things that I think about hehehe...

So, I registered to go to a Joan Elliott stitchy retreat in Cardiff, Wales which is in September. I am looking forward to that and after signing up felt compelled to stitch something Joan Elliott and my sister had requested a design of hers called Fans of the Far East so I got stitching - a week spent fully focussed on it and then I showed her and she said...its a bit small! So that put me off and I have yet to pick it back up...but here is where I got to...

Its on 25 or 28 ct and stitched 1 over 1 and I was really enjoying it and liking the delicate stitches...ah well...I will pick it up again at some point! 

I also managed to accumulate some stitchy stash...

So I am going to start a rotation in June and see what I can get finished or close to finished! 

I have a lot of good intentions but I am saving pennies so stitching is perfect for keeping me occupied and indoors :D

I hope you have all been well! I am so far behind on reading blogs its shameful but I am going to focus on catching up with reading them tonight - so put the kettle on and I'll drop by around 6pm :D


  1. Great stash! I did that same Janlynn chart for someone almost 18 years ago now (I know this because she just graduated high school...my how times flies when you're getting old). I figure my sister would react the same way to Suteki, so she doesn't know about it yet (and probably won't until it's finished and framed) - I don't need yet another reason to not work on that stupid pattern!

    1. Did you see your chart there! :D

  2. I am curious to know where you have booked the retreat, do tell!! :)
    Fabulous new stash, I love the SODA Stitch designs.

  3. Great stash and start on the fan, although blah reaction doesn't help. I hope you enjoy your stitching whatever you're doing!

  4. Love your new stash - what a lot of wonderful choices. That was a very deflating reaction to your stitching - no wonder you put it aside! Do keep going though, it's a lovely design.

  5. Well I love your fan and I'm sure I'm not the only one! Stitch it for yourself.
    The retreat looks like fun - Bothy Threads are also going to be there and I love their kits!


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