3 Mar 2016

Day 3 of March Madness (a SAL this time!) UPDATED


Tonight I was due to go out but Mother Nature is insisting I stay in with a hot water bottle, a cup of tea and some maltesers – and who am I to argue?

The other day I mentioned that I was struggling to decide whether I should include SALs or not and I decided that I would.

I originally started this back in January but had (for some unknown reason) decided to stitch two over one and I really hated it. So, although my preparation for this challenge wasn’t overly meticulous or lengthy, I did frog….yes, I frogged!...I frogged out the part I had done.

I started stitching part one of Ele’s ABC SAL (recommended to me by….someone…raise your hand if it was you as I am terribly forgetful) and this time I stitched two over two.

I have followed the pattern, no mistakes yet only I have used my own colour choice, although they are not that different to the original.

There are four parts currently out and I am half way through part one…go check out Ele’s blog by the link above for a sneaky peek at what I am stitching…and hopefully before bed I will post a pic of my progress, and with no plans but to chill I think I may at least get one part done if not two!



  1. Feel better and hopefully stitching will help!

    1. Thanks, it did help and then...I started a new start thanks to you! Lol

  2. Sorry about the frogging, but if you don't enjoy the stitching, what's the point? Hope you feel better quickly.

    1. I'm much happier with it now and I did enjoy stitching this. So it was worth frogging in the end!

  3. Nice work and I'm glad you're happier with it now.


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