27 Mar 2016

Day 27 March Madness

Hi there,

I've noticed that Day 26 hot stuck mid publish yesterday but of course I only just noticed it! Doh!

Anyway, today's stitch was a new start from the Stoney Creek booklet below...

I have been searching for a music themed pattern for forever, and although there are many I have still not found one that represents my feelings about music. I know that's a bit deep for cross stitch pattern choosing but music is everything! 

This was ok, and I bought the booklet in order to stitch the piece on the left...it says music and it's going down in a vertical line. I have no intention of stitching the words around it but focussing on the middle section. I chose to stitch on a piece of fabric that was gifted to me and I also opted to change the colours. I basically picked out all my variegated colours and randomly assigned a number to a number in the pattern. I didn't even try to match colours. I want this piece to speak to me, some people may not like the colours and they may clash but for me, different music is liked by different people, and originality is expressed in the best stuff. It has to talk to you.

So without further waffle....here is my progress today...

The colours aren't a true likeness but once more stitches go in I shall take another picture. 

Happy Easter everyone! Hop hop!


  1. One of the joys of crafting is to see how each person makes a piece their own. Enjoy your Music and let it sing!

    1. Hehe...that I will Bea! That I will 😁

  2. You are way more brave than me! Changing up that much would give me hives!

  3. Very bright colours and I like your choice of projects.


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