22 Mar 2016

Day 22 March Madness

Hi there,

I've spent more time at the hospital today, and that combined with work has left me exhausted. I did still want to stitch and put a few in today's piece. 

It's probably one of if not the oldest WIP I have. I think I started it way back in 2002!

It's a dimensions kit called 'Three Yoruban Women', yet another stitch of women from ethnic backgrounds. 

Here is what it should look like finished...

Here is where I was with it....

And here is where I am now after adding some light yellow and maroon.

And musey took a shine to it...

See you tomorrow!


  1. I like the bright colors.

    Hope your mom isn't hurting too much.

  2. Nice progress and hope all is going as well as possible for your Mom.

  3. The colours are so pretty - glad you picked it up again.

    I do hope your mom is okay.


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