3 Feb 2016

Top 10 Tuesdays (on a wednesday! Gulp!) of Phone Apps


So this Tuesday evening course is messing up my Top 10 Tuesdays and I am not organised enough to schedule...but I shall try for next week...

My top 10 favourite apps...in no particular order...

1. Whatsapp - is whatsapp an app? Well it has app in its name so must be!

2. Banking App - it means I can move money between accounts and transfer cash to people if I borrow some when out and I can do it instantly.

3. Meetup - the app that has led to me starting my own creative group and which I am excited about, this means I can stay in touch with the members and keep an eye on any events up coming.

4. Cineworld App - so I can check out what is on at the cinema in case i take a detour from work.

5. Booking.com app - my travel companion and oh so handy! I was going to elaborate but you'd need a good hour and a pot of tea.

6. Feedly App - so I can keep up to date with you guys!

7. Songkick App - so I can keep up to date with my favourite musicians and when they are touring.

8. National Express App - ive found this to be quite handy for check bus times between larger towns (national express is a coach service that quick and easy)

9. Layout App - this app lets me select some photos and create a layout of them. Its very simple and so are the results but I use it for comparisons - and i used it for the last alphabet sampler post.

10. Wildcard! - I don't know what app ten is...but I am looking for one to help me with being organised but that isnt a calendar, or a list app or a reminder app but one that sort of can be manipulated to do all three but my way...what do you mean it doesnt exist? lol! I am off to check Keebs and Tiffs posts to see if they have an app for that....


  1. This one was very interesting because we literally had three completely different listings! Usually there is some similarity somewhere!

  2. Another list of apps I've ever heard of, except the banking one of course. Am I allowed to admit I'm that un-techy? LOL A couple I think I'll check for an equivalent in my App Store. Thanks Kate.


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