22 Dec 2015

Top 10 Food or Drink from the festive season #17


Only three more sleeps to go and wrapping of gifts has commenced! I'm not quite ready for Christmas but I've 72hrs left so what's the rush??! Hehe

This weeks Top 10 is all about food and drink that is related to Christmas and I have to say thinking about it all is making me hungry!

First on my list is a food that I love to eat during December even though it's available in other months and that's ...

1. Satsuma's

Next...I always think of goose fat! Yuck! But so if used when roasting potatoes is absolutely delicious and so popular these days here.

2. Goose fat

3. Yule log
As a chocoholic every Christmas has to have a Christmas chocolate Yule log. Especially as I don't like Christmas pudding or mince pies. It is usually very sickly but...it is Christmas!

4. Port

I don't like red wine but I am partial to a port or port & lemonade (rwhites) and this is very much a Christmas tipple.

5. Liver parfait

It's available all year round and it's my starter of choice but at Christmas I make this and it's delicious...even if I do say so myself! 

6. Chestnuts 

I don't like chestnuts but the smell of them roasting when it's starting to get dark, with the atmospheric Christmas lights and the hustle and bustle of a big city like London have left me with a fondness for them...if only to smell!

7. After dinner mints

As is traditional here...or at least in our house...you have a starter, a main, a dessert, cheese & biscuits, coffee and after dinner mints and then doze in the afternoon whilst the queen is giving her speech. After eights are the most traditional I think although I do like the crunch of Elizabeth shaw' mints too.

8. Hot chocolate 

Hot chocolate was included on my list of things I love about this time of year. My Christmas hot chocolate is with a shot of cinnamon and whipped cream. 

9. Tins of sweets

You can of course buy these all year around but during December they fly from the shelves...kilo after kilo...the options are usually roses, quality street, celebrations or heroes! But for me the most Christmassy is quality street with their shiny wrappers in Royal colours.

10. Candy canes

I couldn't ignore candy canes as they are symbols of Christmas and so here they are to finish off the list! 

Now don't forget to go and check out what food and drink Keebs and Tiff (links in the sidebar) are looking forward to in December.


  1. Well, we're not total opposites...I would agree with the mints, the hot chocolate (but only dark or white) and the yule log (I haven't had one of those since childhood and not sure where to get one now other than Swiss Colony). Great list though and it's nice to see what's available across the pond!

    1. Haha - I was surprised at the difference - I shall be looking out for new recipes in the new year for sure.

  2. Beautiful post my dear..
    Merry Christmas xx

    1. Thanks Cucki x I hope you are keeping well & a merry christmas to you too!

  3. Great ideas! You remembered a few I forgot, the after dinner mints was a thing in Ontario as well. Especially After Eights and Grandma usually shared the Turtles she received as gifts or Misty Mints. Those used to be my favourites.

    1. Turtles? Oh so many variations..I really think i need to try them all :p

  4. I'll have the potatoes and the mints, please and thank you. LOL Actually, the whole list looks pretty tasty.

    1. Thats an odd combination Bea! heheh


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