30 Nov 2015


Ok, so how are you all? 

I am ok...actually I am better than ok as I have been struck with inspiration! Hey! Who ducked?

Some of you who have been in this blogging adventure as long as I have may remember Christmas 2012...was it really that long ago? I wrote a story over twelve days leading up to Christmas about a couple in love. Nick and Sarah. I loved that story although I'm not sure I'm allowed to say that as I wrote it but...what I loved was the characters and especially Nick. Ah yes? Who can forget his attempts at romance which left him falling flat on his face and gradually chipping away at our hearts until we too shared Sarah's opinion of him and thought he was adorable. 

Some of you may only remember as far back as Christmas 2014 when Nick and Sarah once again shared their story with us as they prepared for the birth of their first child and Nick went to dog training school. Not because he's a dog but because they had a dog! Lol 

Well with Christmas fast approaching and  after last years fatigue, I feel it's time...to have some more cheesy Christmas romance! I know rom-com isn't for everyone but c'mon...it's Christmas! So watch out for that coming soon! 

Do you remember Nick & Sarah? 

Catch up soon x


  1. No! Its been two and three - and its shocking how quick those years passed - I must be getting old! eek!

  2. I usually read a couple of Christmas romances this time of year, so this should be fun. I'll have to check out you archives.

    1. I think it's only in my book. I shall have a look but email me and I'll send you a copy :)


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