22 Sep 2015

Top Ten Cakes to make you bake! (#6)

Todays theme: Cakes to make you bake.

I have chosen to simply post you pictures of ten of my favourite cakes (cake'ish) that always make me salivate. My tastes are pretty simple and don't get too fancy. I don't actually bake but it is something that I would like to try and do more of over the coming year, so if I can bake one of these then I will consider the next 12 months a success! The jam tarts have to have the softest, buttery, crumbly pastry..mmmm...ok....I want some now! lol 

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Later today or tomorrow I will also be posting Octobers Top 10 Tuesday themes.

1. Sticky gingerbread

2. Raspberry almond shortbread cookies

3. Iced buns

4. Strawberry jam tarts

5. Victoria Sponge 

6. Red Velvet cupcakes

7. Classic vanilla cheesecake

8. Lemon & Poppy seed muffins

9. Triple chocolate cake

10. Lemon drizzle cakes

p.s I did read somewhere that 'The Great British Bake Off' is being shown in the US on PBS as something like The British Baking Challenge?? 


  1. Yum! Great photos, those look fantastic!

    1. I'm so hungry for red velvet cupcakes! hehehe

  2. All great choices! I have to be careful with baking shows...they really make me want to eat like crazy, but now that I don't have "regular" TV, it makes it harder to find them now so it makes it easier to stick to dieting (sometimes).

    1. You have more willpower than anyone! I love to watch the shows but somehow it doesnt motivate me to cook/bake...one day...when I retire!

  3. Oh so yummy looking! And yes it is - watched it a couple of weeks now and enjoying it.

    1. Glad to hear it Bea, I like that show - which season are you watching? I wish you could watch Great British Menu too.

    2. Not sure of the season and I think I found it at episode 2. The last episode I saw they had to make trifle, "floating islands" and petits fours. Some incredible creations.


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