25 Aug 2015

Top 10 Tuesdays #2 FEARS

During my 30 day list challenge I vaguely recollect covering fears and phobias, but these were my own, and today I have decided to look at ten really weird ones! People may think that my fluff and sticky hands and crumb phobias are weird...let me introduce you to.....
  1. Ablutophobia (from Latin ablutere 'to wash off") is the persistent, abnormal and unwarranted fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning.

This is a very unfortunate (for every one around you) phobia to have.

2. Hypnophobia also termed clinophobia or somniphobia, is the often irrational and excessive fear of sleep.

I am definitely scared of sleep, I love sleep, when I can get it uninterrupted.

3. Hylophobia, also known as xylophobia, ylophobia, and dendrophobia, is a psychological disorder defined by an irrational fear of wood, forest or trees.

I like forests and woods and although they can be creepy they also feel safe.

4. Phagophobia is a psychogenic dysphagia, a fear of swallowing.

I kinda get this one because I struggle with swallowing medication and have developed anxiety a little with it. 

5. Carpophobia is a fear of wrists.

I think this one is defnitely for the niche market.

6. Podophobia is a fear of feet.

lol! This pic made me laugh but seriously, I am not a fan of feet at all, but scared of them...hmmm.

7. Globophobia is a fear of balloons.


8. Koumpounophobia fear of buttons.

I have nothing to say about this becuase....well....even I struggle to reason why on this! 

9. Alliumphobia- Fear of garlic.

Are root vegetables scary? 

10. Anglophobia fear of england

Anti-English sentiment or Anglophobia (from Latin Anglus "English" and Greek φόβος, phobos, "fear") means opposition to, dislike of, fear of, or hatred towards England or the English people.

Do you have any of these phobias? Have you got a really unusual phobia? Have you written your own list? 


  1. How very interesting! My oldest daughter seemed to have ablutophobia when she was really little; she hated baths and screamed nonstop through them. Thankfully she's outgrown that! I think feet are weird but I'm not afraid of them. I hate touching anything sticky or slimy but can make myself if I have to. Total irrational fear of spiders and heights, but those are pretty common.

    1. OMG! I hate sticky things too :)

  2. Great list! I listed a few of my own and some others too since I couldn't think of 10 fears I had.

    1. Thanks, I am going to check your list out now :)

  3. Definitely the tree one. I mentioned this in Tiff's comments, but it's a sensory overload thing...noise, smells, being overwhelmed by massive objects and it all comes from every direction (plus, let's face it, we all know that booger-bears live in the woods!).

    1. When I was writing this I said to my sis that I thought you weren't keen on forests :) Its weird because I find that sensory overload reassuring and all encompassing.

  4. This is a very interesting list. Never heard of most of them, but, strictly as a person who struggles with her weight, a touch of #4 might be a good thing. My own list is pretty much limited to heights which is pretty common.

    1. Ooh! I hate heights too! I am starting to think that I am a scared cat..hehehe

  5. Interesting list. I used to work with a woman who was scared of false teeth. Her grandmother used to chase her with her dentures pretending they were going to bite her. The dentist had to remove any from his surgery when she went there or she would panic.

    1. I know I shouldn't laugh....the things we inherit from our grandparents hey? The poor woman! But what a lovely dentist :)


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