17 Aug 2015

IHSW part 1

Hello and good morning!

Yes, I am still unemployed and it is very frustrating, I kind of miss the routine. However, you would think that I would have extra time for stitching but this project has been hard going since I returned from Germany. I think its more me than anything, the only thing that keeps me plugging away at it is Ebony reminding me I should be stitching! Its just one of those projects where you stitch and stitch but seem to get nowhere fast.

I did try as best I could to stitch as much as I could over the weekend...

Here is where I left off...

and here is where I am now....

Displaying IMG_3592.JPG

I think I am going to have to really knuckle down and get it done in the next two weeks. I also have a Santa ornament to finish! I started him but at the moment he only has a bit of his coat done.

I also posted about Top 10 Tuesdays (see the page dedicated to it above) and currently its just me and Tiff at Tiffstitches, so come join in the fun! 

I have yet to announce tomorrows theme due to the IHSW but how about the first Top 10 is a theme of your choice?

Anyway, I am off to see everyone else's progress...catch you all later!


  1. love your project but cant see the update pic on the blog :)

  2. I can't see the pic either, but I feel ya...I've got several that just don't grow, so to speak. I'm kind of behind with blog reading, so I must find out about this top 10 thing!

  3. No photo shows for me either, and oh yeah, top 10 Tuesday tomorrow! yikes!

  4. Would love to see your update photo.

  5. I shall update it! Odd though cos I can see it?? Lol


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