13 Jul 2015

Quick Faery 66 update

So I left off here last Monday...

I managed to stitch for a couple of evenings but didn't get any done at the weekend, but am making steady progress, I will put this down till IHSW this weekend and probably start on Frozen tonight.

Here is my progress...



  1. That looks great! Wow, you're really flying on this one.

  2. She's moving along so fast! I can't believe you've gotten this much done (you must REALLY have your stitch mojo back!). But I am kind of excited to see Frozen start to take shape for some reason and you know how I feel about Frozen!

    1. Hehe. Well I cut the fabric this morning! I am going to use 18 count and that will be relatively small, I am excited too to start as the pattern looks quite easy....which could be my famous last words! As long as it looks like the dastardly duo when its on the wall, that will satisfy me :) and hopefully Ebony.

  3. That is a lot of progress - good for you.


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