10 Jun 2015

10 poems from the archives (19)

These poems are taken from the archives and where needed I have rewritten parts of them. I hope you like them.

10 poems from the archives

1. Anew

Shouting, crying, screaming, fighting,
never coming up for air.
Pushed away and long forgotten
even whilst still there.

Moving, packing, lifting, leaving,
in the fast lane out.
Completely sapped of energy
no breath left to shout.

Washing, ironing, cleaning, working,
everything anew.
Wondering how long it takes
till you won’t feel so blue

2. A life

Moulded to your soul

Making up your whole

Owning as you grow

Serenading all to show

Ending as it begun; one breath.

3. Let me

Let me count them
Let me count
Let me

                                How many things
                                How many
                                                Are they bad
                                                Are they
                                                                You see flaws
                                                                You see

Must you change
Must you

                                Will you change
                                Will you

                                                Its not easy
                                                Its not
                                                                You have choices
                                                                You have

Others will not help
Others will not
Others will

                                Life is hard
                                Life is

                                                There is hope
                                                There is
                                                                You can win
                                                                You can

4. The Life Cycle of an idea

Drifting into view unannounced and all consuming
Swirling around amongst the debris of each day
Bending with the will of the igniters intention and
Spiralling from its simple beginnings in a haze

Circling back to meet upon the crest of prominent ideas
Stirring inspiration from the depths
Twisting, turning, tightening, trialling, tossed.
Rolling, discarded, to lay amidst the uninspired

Undeterred, unrepentant, winding roots to roots and clinging with all hope to stay
Swinging to and fro unsettled
Slinking off to darkened corners in order to remain
Until…drifting into view unannounced and all consuming.

5. As I close my eyes

The darkness was filled with electricity
Crackling along her arms so bare
a stranger lurking in wait for her
anticipating the thrill of the scare.

He stepped out grimacing
using his eyes to express
both his desire and intention
as he ogled her flowery dress.

She stood tall, unbending, fierce
Stoic in the face of danger
A contrast to the fear inside and the
horror of the stranger.

He lurched forward, arms outstretched
to grab a hold of her
another woman might have screamed
her voice made not a murmur

The strength in his fingers, as he gripped,
so tightly around her neck
compounded all her expectations
he was much more than a threat.

Then unexpectedly she fought
refusing to give in
fighting for her young life
that was yet to begin.

He saw defiance flare up in those soft green eyes of hers,
As she challenged him right back.
Sneering as he released his hold
he gave her an almighty smack.

She fell back against the wall
tearing skin from her hand
the sight of blood renewed her and she lashed out
at the murderous man.

The others hadn’t fought this hard
this girl had real stamina
but his strength was more than she could muster
he was always the winner.

Striking out, gasping for air,
she wouldn’t give up yet
she really didn’t want to die
and he didn’t know her strength.

It carried on for quite a while
as each of them battled on
neither willing to concede
both engaged in a life marathon.

She was scared that all of her energy was gone
And realised the end was near
as she struggled to stay stood up
her life flashed before her so clear

He was hurt, what had she done?
His breathing began to labour
How dare she ruin him like this
He was doing her a favour.

If she was dying here tonight
It wouldn’t be in vain
She’d take the bastard with her
Let him feel her pain.

On the stroke of midnight
They both gave up the fight
Slumping on the ground they lay
each the others last sight.

6. Charred

Charred with the ashes of forgotten dreams
Dreams of revenge and retribution combined
Combined to deliver an exacting punishment
Punishment that will never match the intensity
The intensity of the anguish and heartbreak
A heartbreak that will never heal, an infinite wound
Wound up so tight with hate and vengeance of what
Of what will be, what could be, what may be, hope
Hope and dreams, throbbing and charred.

7.  I breathe

Whilst I wait I breathe

I hear sounds I never did
I see sights I never knew
I no longer touch I cling

I savour every morsel

I love completely and all at once
I laugh loudest
I never cry I only sob
Wretched am I

The wait ends I breathe my last

8. Unoriginal

I’m not the first, 
I’m not paving the way.
Others will walk in my footsteps
with better shoes and an assured gait.

Some will teeter in open toes and wail 
When they fall.
I’m not the first.

9. Inbetween

When the sun comes up and the day is new
when the clouds depart and the sky is blue
Will you come out and be seen
or will you hide somewhere inbetween?

inbetween the light and dark
inbetween the streets and park
inbetween the rock and the hard place
inbetween the crowds and space

Will you hide forever behind your eyes?
Will you hide forever because of your size?
Will you hide forever beneath those clothes?
Will you hide forever because life blows?

Or will you try and leave that place
that warm and dark and cosy space
Will you risk your own reveal
and see the others who are hiding still?

When the sun goes down and the darkness comes
When the only sound is your heartbeats drum
Will you return to that place where you hide
or will you stay and know that you tried?

10. A writers life for me...

 A new day and fresh eyes are blurry
Energy in abundance and expelled at a pace
Embracing notes on the air
Eager to reach but not ready to race

The ideas wander maniacally
Resting on the usual suspects
What level of depth seems relevant?
To choose from each new prospect

Distracted by influence and intrigue
And thoughts bouncing through the mind
Opting for potential that’s underdeveloped
And avoiding the desire to rewind.

Clambering over obstacles and weaving past
the ever omnipotent cloud of change
finding ground that’s flat and hard
that’s different, secure and strange.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve
Re-covering when its too much
The energy sapped from your being
Electricity on the surface crackles by touch

Devoid of emotion as it’s returned to
A holding cell of excitement
As visiting times are restricted
There are questions to invent

When emptiness encases like a cloak
With a hollow echo and a glazed look
A chance to see what’s on the horizon
To use as fodder for your book.


11.  Raven

Perched atop the gargoyle
on sentry duty sat the raven.
Gravediggers viewed beneath the soil
the deads resting place and haven.

His view from the perching spot
Gave him an advantage over all
A vision of statues, tombs and burial plots
Through spring, summer, winter and fall.

12. Sweet Music 

The guitar starts off slowly
and the strumming builds up pace
The drums erupt, hot and heavy
as the tempo starts to race

In bounce the bass beats
joining them together
waiting for the harmonies
to use them as a tether.

Some lyrics tell a story,
others are more a quiz
of love, of life, of peace and war,
of what's not and of what is.

With a pulsating chorus
that makes you move and shake
Your body finds a locus
where you can twist and quake.

Your skin now damp
with the sweat of the cadenced dance
Crank up the amp
your body doesn't stand a chance.

As it begins its crescendo
the passion now at peak
the rhythm starts to then slow
and the music starts to speak.

The melody returns to you
like an old familiar friend
whose heart will be pure and true
to the very bitter end.


  1. Wow, you have some beautiful and intense verse here. I love #3.

  2. Thanks Tiffany, i do appreciate all your comments! Number 3 is also my favourite :D

  3. I always wanted to write poetry, but I can't come up with an original thought...these are amazing!

  4. These are excellent. I don't think there is anything more personal than a poem and you express yourself beautifully.


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