8 Jun 2015

10 Actors I love to watch…on screen (16)

I decided we must be in need of some eye candy and I am fully aware that one womans eye candy may not be anothers...so feel free to add a link to some of your faves in the comments or your blog link if you post about it.

Can I think of 10 worthy candidates? It is not always about appearances, and I think I am often swayed by the fantasy person that I think they are, the reality could be a huge let down. But...lets have a look at some (in no particular order)...

1. Matthew Gray Gubler
I've started with Matthew for a few reasons, one is that I like the nerdy guys and the character he plays in Criminal Minds definitely appeals, also I like the way he speaks - he isn't a mumbler like me and finally, in real life he is creative and seems like a nice guy.

2. Shemar Moore
Matthews co-star in Criminal Minds and I must admit 90% of this is for the eyes but the remaining 10% is because he posts photo's of himself going to or at the gym with comments such as 'I really would rather be somewhere else, but its got to be done' and I like that he hates the gym but goes because he knows he benefits from it.

3. Taylor Kinney
Well, what can I say...Lady Gaga is one lucky lady :D

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4. Tom Mison
Mr Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow - I am not sure if this choice is not more influenced by his character but who doesn't love a man in period dress? what?! He's not so hot with his normal look.

Image result for tom mison

5.David Giuntoli
Is Nick Burkhardt in Grimm - I love all the guys in Grimm to be fair! lol

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6. Viggo Mortenson
The oldest one in the bunch but still seriously hot - a great actor too! 

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7. Dwayne Johnson
I am not a great lover of the super muscular guy but I love love love the rock...he's a guilty pleasure.
Image result for dwayne johnson

8. Stephen Amell
This man is what I like to call pretty (lol), I tried not to include him on the list but I couldn't. He does always look smug though? no?
Image result for stephen amell

9. Diego Luna
I've liked Diego for far too long and I still like him, I mean, mmmmm

Image result for diego luna

10.John Slattery
Another older guy.....

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What do you think? Who are your top 3 hotties? 


  1. The older I get, the older the men I like get, but I don't change much in my likes...I'm rarely swayed by a muscled chest or a young face. About the only one I would agree with you on is Tom Mison, but I like him more in Austen mode when he played Bingley. Most of the men I prefer tend to have worn a cravat at one time or another...Richard Armitage, Rupert-Penry Jones, David Tennant, etc. Then there are the men of music (who technically can be considered on screen because of videos), Simon LeBon, Mark Owen, Darren Hayes, Robert Smith, Dave Gahan, etc, which hey, some of which also wore cravats for a time due to the New Romantic movement! Go figure! About the only ones that don't fit in my standard category is Bruce Willis, who I've loved since Moonlighting and Chris Evans simply because I have a crush on Captain America.

    1. No no no! Musicians don't count! Lol

    2. OK, but Simon counts because he was an actor before a musician!

  2. Great post. I agree with a lot of your choices, although I love Silas Weir Mitchell more on Grimm because he makes me laugh. Nathan Fillion would be my number one choice because he's awesome on and off screen, then Bruce Campbell for the same reasons and Gabriel Byrne was my long-time heart throb.


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