7 May 2015

Time didn't standstill and I haven't moved on...


If any of you read my waffle at the start of the month (see here) you may recall that the topic I was attempting to address was 'time'.

This wasn't that clear as I was pretty much sharing a stream of thoughts I had about my use of my time, my obsession with time and my love of calendars. When I later posted a photo of said calendars it was .... I want to say pathetic? but only in terms of the fact that it is supposedly a collection. If you have three of anything, I doubt it counts as such! So I am thinking that I need more! hehehe.

So I am starting a calendar collection...roll on mid-year diary/calendar season :)

But that is not really what I wanted to discuss in today's waffle...today I wanted to continue on the theme of time and TED talks. Did any of you have a chance to watch/listen/read any of them?

One topic that you come across is the learning new skills topic, its not often named this, maybe it will be something like...how I learned to speak 562 languages in a day...or something.  One talk that I liked and which ended in a demo was about how it only takes 10 hours to be able to learn the basics of anything. I liked it because the guy decided to learn to play the ukulele to test his hypothesis and he ends his talk by playing the four or five chords that he learnt in the ten hours, but plays them and sings so many different songs...anyway he made it look easy. Another guy was blathering on about it taking 30 days to form a habit and it was this that I was thinking about. Less in terms of forming a habit but more in terms of 30 days being a chunk of time where you challenge yourself.

Now a fair few of you will know about the A to Z challenge and will have successfully completed it this April - congratulations by the way! I have done it before and its definitely not easy.

However, I thought I would consult my dear friend and sage...Frer Google and see what he had to say about 30 day challenges....


Sorry, that was a bit melodramatic, but the first two and a half pages of results that came back were **shudder** fitness related! Bearing in mind that I was thinking I would try a year of 30 day challenges...the thought of them being all fitness ones made me almost chew my hands off. Eventually, I did come across some lists that people had created...the 30 day blogging challenge, the 30 day photography challenge, the 30 day Mums challenge and admittedly apart from blogging, mums, photography and fitness, there wasn't much in the way of 30 day challenges.

How then am I supposed to try one, how do I choose? If I intend to be at all successful at achieving this then I need to think about myself and what realistically I would fail at after the first hurdle...Fitness challenges would probably be ok for a week, photography challenges would be easy for me to forget....although still a possibility...for another month, and I am not a mum so those are out...the blogging list I found a bit dull as it was answering questions about yourself and I pretty much tell you all and sundry as and when so I don't feel that it would work. I found a Disney themed one...which I may email to Keebs to see if she wants to try that.

So...I am still...pondering...have you ever come across any 30 day challenges that you wanted to try but haven't yet? we could try them together maybe? Or maybe you would like to give me a 30 day challenge? Or...yes there is another or...you could post a link in the comments to any challenges you thought looked good/fun/interesting/crazy!

I shall sit by my computer and wait for answers...I won't move..not even for the loo!...


  1. Okay, a few ideas: 1- 30 days of writing - 500 words a day? Or is that too much?, 2 - 30 Days of Xmas projects whether you've stitched them or you find them elsewhere, 30 Days of New Movies and/or Favourite Movies. HTH!

    1. Thanks Tiffany :) I did have a think about some ideas of things I could do, but on reflection I have noticed that they all have one thing in common - they arent going to be very challenging. Does it still count or is it even worth doing? Is it going to be ok to form an interesting habit or do I really need a challenge? All these questions are what keep me up at night! lol Your suggestions are great though and I am definitely adding all of them to the list! thanks x

    2. Maybe you could mix up some hard months with easy months? You don't want to overdo it. :)


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