7 May 2015

Still Alice (includes SPOILERS)


I had mentioned an upcoming trip to the cinema to a friend and they had said that they wanted to see Still Alice, the film that Julianne Moore won an Oscar for, and I remembered that it was about Alzheimer's. It’s a topic that fascinates me and I decided that I should try and see it whilst it was still being shown. Last Friday, I chose to go and see it, and I am glad I did.


I expected it to be emotional, after all, it’s a very horrid disease. I hoped for a good performance from Julianne and I was unaware of the rest of the cast.


An academic woman is diagnosed with early onset familial Alzheimer's disease, and we see how her and her family handle the diagnosis and how it impacts on their lives and hers especially.


I liked this film a lot, Julianne Moore didn't disappoint, I cried loads and even the casting of Kristen Stewart didn't ruin it for me, she actually wasn't bad. I liked the effect that the director chose to take with showing her disorientation. The events that they decided to show were well chosen and hit the mark. It ended very abruptly I thought. Alex Baldwin was good in it although I never trusted his character, even if the story leads to his behaviour being a coping mechanism. 


It was worthy of a 7.5/10 mainly due to the Oscar winners performance. IMDb gave it 7.5/10, Metascore 72/100 and Rotten Tomatoes 90%.

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