7 May 2015

Furious 7 [may contain spoilers*]


What can I say? Does it need an introduction? Well, I have watched all of the films in the franchise and as soon as I heard that 7 was to be released I was very excited and straight away booked tickets to see it in the 4DX cinema (this is where you have a moving chair and special effects). I knew it would be bittersweet after the death of one of its leading actors (Paul Walker) but I love the films and wasn't about to miss out. It was released on Good Friday and I was there for the first viewing and ridiculously excited.


My expectations of the film were the same as the previous ones, that it would be as good as previous ones, would be full of ridiculous stunts, would provide light hearted comedy, plenty of action and little storyline. All things I love about it, it makes no excuses for being pure escapist entertainment, and also I like action movies with limited violence. With the 4DX I was expecting to swing and swerve along with the car and really experience it.


This storyline for this film was that Jason Statham'c character would be avenging his brothers death (the brother the boys all but killed in the previous movie) and at the same time a parallel storyline was happening. In this one, some government agency had asked the team (off the books) to rescue a hacker called Ramsay who had created a programme called 'Gods Eye' which would make it possible to track anyone and everyone wherever they are in the world by infiltrating all gadgets/devices with cameras etc. using facial recognition. 

They rescue the girl, save the programme, capture Statham and save the day as per usual! 


It was brilliant! Maybe if it was the first Fast & Furious movie I had seen I might be slightly disappointed or grade it lower as a stand alone action movie (6.5 possibly) but as part of the franchise and with all the characters it definitely deserves and 8.5. But I am totally biased. 


I recommend you all go and see it or start watching from the first movie to this one if you havent! Like I said...8.5 for pure entertainment...no thinking required, laughter promised, fast action, eye  candy and expensive super cars!

I have found that the audience score on rotten tomatoes is more accurate guide! lol What do critics know? Check out there scores for Spongebob!!

  • Me - 8.5/10. 
  • IMDb - 8/10. 
  • Metascore - 67/100.
  • Rotten Tomatoes - 82%
    • Audience score - 89%
    • Average score - 4.4/5

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