19 May 2015

10 Apps I use most on my phone (7)

Another day and another list! I really should do this in the evenings but last night I came across a TV show on Netflix that I found interesting. It was a Danish drama (so it was more reading with moving pictures) and the main character was pretty much Nurse Jackie minus the drugs and even her sidekick was a total rip off. If you haven't seen Nurse Jackie then you won't have any clue but if you have and your interested go and check out 'Rita'.

Anyhoo...I thought I would try and be helpful today with my top ten phone Apps that I just can't live without...ahem....or rather the few that I use most often...in no particular order...

1. Facebook
I rarely check Facebook online, but in the morning I will check it, I am not really interested in status updates but rather the funny videos and interesting articles. I do read some status' but I have to confess that I have blocked seeing some peoples too, lol! As I am sure they have me...even if I don't update it.

2. Gmail
Email counts as an app surely as I use the Gmail app as opposed to using the internet search. I have a lot of junk email and really need to cancel subscriptions and delete all the rubbish....but that will be a job and a half and until Google tell me my account is full...I'll leave it! hehehe

3. Pinterest
I have pinterest on my phone because its really handy and a great distraction on the train or when you are waiting for someone or even looking for inspiration for upcoming projects. My pinterest link is on the sidebar if you're interested :)

4. My bank
This is probably the most important of all these, I check it on payday and I transfer money to people and between accounts and it actually makes me feel in control of my finances. In the old days pre-app I would have just hoped that I had the money or gone to the bank to get cash out to pay people but now I don't have to...only drawback...makes you slightly more anti-social.

5. Elevate
This is a sort of game, its a brain trainer and its one that I have only just started to use, it has fun little tests to do...I can't say if its actually helping but I feel like it is and so I think that means it is?

6. Solitaire
I am addicted to Solitaire on my phone, not even the harder versions, not even Free cell but plain old Klondike.It can sap time so I recommend only play when you have time to sap.

7. Feedly
This is great actually, and it helps me to keep on top of blog reading, sometimes it freaks out and won't let me comment on blogs but be warned I am always watching :)

8. Twitter
I rarely post on Twitter, mainly because I don't have anything to say, and not that many people who I follow have much to say either. A couple of times a week I will just check on whats happening and you can always come across good links to things and news updates. I also have a friend on there who is really only ever to be found there! lol

9. Instagram
I haven't posted anything in an extremely long time but seeing as pictures speak a thousand words and I am all out of words and bored of reading twitter and FB updates, instagram is filling that gap. Photographic communication.

10. Argus
This is a health app or a health/fitness app and you can link up with friends etc. I am not linked up with any friends as I don't know anyone on it....if you are....let me know! What I like most is the way that the information is presented.

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Well thats all for now! Short and sweet :D Enjoy today...I hate Tuesdays! Grrr!

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  1. Yep...I don't use a single one of those. Before I got my iPad, I did play a lot of games on my phone, but now, that's an iPad thing. About the only apps that get used a lot on my phone are my Donald Duck Wake Up app and the Weather app (and maybe the camera quite a bit).


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