16 Feb 2015



I know I've been away a while, but life does like to lob drama at me, I do honestly try to avoid it but the little blighter always finds me. I need to find a new hiding place that's for sure.

The latest is that I went to see a consultant mid-jan as they had found a cyst and when i went to see him, he said it was best to remove it due to its size. Then two weeks later I was in hospital having the op and have been recuperating ever since. I would have said Hi sooner if it wasn't for my laptop dying on me at the same time.

So, how am I writing this? On my new laptop!

I return to work next week and so I have to make the most of the remaining ten days.

I shall return with something more interesting than this in two swishes of a tail feather! Bye for now!

Kate xx

P.S I have still been stalking all your blogs via my phone and may I just say, you've been a busy lot!


  1. Glad to hear from you and know you're on the mend! And congrats on the new laptop.

  2. Good to see you posting again. Enjoy the new laptop.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better! I hope that things go a bit more smoothly for a while now :)


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