26 Feb 2015

A lesson to be learned....

When I woke up this morning I wondered what the day had in store for me, would it be stressful, would it be busy, would it be fine and as it has been only four and a half weeks since the op, I’m happy to say that I’m bouncing back. I was actually looking forward to getting back to some sort of schedule and plus I need the money!

I start quite early (about 6.30 am) and my colleagues start to filter in about 8 am on wards and today at 9.30 am we had a huge and important meeting. It was being held in one of the lecture theatres and broadcast across the other venues and full of the head honchos. Ordinarily, I wouldn't usually go to these but I thought that it would be a nice easy transition back to work.

The speakers began and it was interesting, to a point, when with the room packed to capacity and all cameras rolling, a mobile phone goes off echoing across the theatre.

And yes, you've guessed it, it was mine – way to ease myself gently back into work!

Before you start flinging verbal insults at me for my bad manners, It was on, it didn't ring, that wasn't what happened, that would have been OK…what happened was I decided that I would just check the time (and in hindsight I am thinking I should have worn a watch today) and well….

I don’t know if any of you are of the more buxom variety like my good self, but it’s a bad habit that I have of keeping my mobile tucked in my bra, anyone else do this? Anyway…

I was trying to retrieve the phone when in my brain fuzz I just grabbed the end and squeezed and it switched Siri on, but as there is no reception in the theatre the following echoed around the room instead…
“Siri is unavailable”

So, welcome back me, I’m officially in the building!


  1. I don't keep my mobile in my bra but I'm often found with my hot water bottle down my leggings ... I so badly need a routine, this morning I realised at 11am all I'd done was drink 2 cups of tea, eat 4 Jaffa Cakes and a tea cake and pick up 3 dead leaves from the garden thinking they might look good in some kind of crafting project (they will no doubt decompose in the cupboard for a year now ...)

    1. hehehehhehehe! Good to see you've had your five a day :) Tea! Yes, thats a great suggestion...I'll have coffee...only cos im still at work and it saves me..you know..over exerting myself squeezing the bag! lol

  2. I also keep my phone in my bra and once spent an entire conversation with a customer squeezing it, without realising! From the customers perspective, all he saw was me massaging my bosom with enthusiasm, whilst rambling on about the benefits of owning a cast iron griddle pan! Mind you he did buy it so, bonus!! :)

  3. Well, if anyone didn't know you were back, they did after that. Kind of makes you wonder what will happen next!

  4. I've braved work again today and am hoping to be innocuous :)

  5. Innocuous? You sure? Haha xx


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