4 Nov 2014

I'm back!

**creeps in and slides onto a chair at the back in the hope that no-one noticed her two month absence**

Hi Guys J
I decided to leave my blog for a couple of months as I was away for 5 weeks out of 8 and it seemed best to get that all behind me so I could focus again, and here I am!

I am poised at the keyboard, ready to impart great wisdom or at best general tidbits, about whats going on with me at the moment.

Shall I start with a podcast update?
I will start that back again tomorrow possibly, it took three attempts to start and then after that I fell at the first hurdle – which was travel – but I don’t have that excuse anymore as I have used up all my holiday for the foreseeable future. It will start either tomorrow or next week so keep an ear out for it J

Now a crafty update!
Crafts have been on my mind so much yet I have managed so little, I have made my PIF gift for Sarah at ‘People don’t eat enough fudge’ and it is in the finishing stage, I am just tentative as I want her to like it.

I haven’t really done much else, except order supplies!, as I haven’t seen a pattern or project that has grabbed me round the throat and shaken me senseless demanding I pay it some attention and so I haven’t started anything.

I am however, seriously considering stitching some Christmas decorations, after all – all my homemade decorations were destroyed in the fire of 2013 and that Christmas I never had it in me to make anything, it still hurts to think of those exchange pieces I had and how peoples hard work and time was turned to ash.

I just need a pattern (s) to start me on my way.

Writing update
Writing? What writing?
Its actually Nanowrimo and again I have opted to not take part, I know I am not in the right space at the moment, but I do need to write something! My brain has been busy dreaming up storylines. I just need to get them on paper/screen.

Again something I need to get organised with!

Health update
Well, what can I say? …more tests, more flare ups, extra swellings, more drugs that are stronger, more appointments and the saga continues!

I will be back with proper blog posts and hope you’ll be about!


  1. Welcome back dear
    I was missing you and thinking of you x

    1. Thanks Cucki x I hope you have received your post by now?

  2. Good to see you back Kate and I'm very much looking forward to seeing my PIF gift, I know I will love it because you have put so much thought and effort into it!

    I've done the PIF on my personal FB and found that like you, it was very hard to get people to sign up to it (and I really pushed my friends ;-) - which means I have one space still to fill. If you would like, I would very much like to make something for you as a pay it back as well as forward?

    Hoping you make some progress with your health issues very soon and I know what you mean about writing, I'm in the same kind of place, lots floating around in my head but very little making it onto the page, good luck with yours x

    1. I found it hard too, which I also found disappointing, how hard it is to PIF? Ah well, we must just be amazing :)
      I would like that very much -exciting stuff!
      I have progress! whooooop!
      Good luck too - I love to read your posts but I do so on my phone that doesnt like me commenting which is ridiculously frustrating and results in me replying to comments with extra long blabbering comments! lol
      Thanks again x

    2. Just popped back and saw this - that's great, I really need to get a move on with my PIF gifts and I'll let you know when yours is ready so you can let me know where to send it.

      I struggle with commenting from my phone too so don't worry about it, as long as you read and enjoy that's all that matters x

  3. Oh Kate, I really hope that you get your health issues sorted so soon. Be kind to yourself, don't force yourself into any particular thing, just take the time to get back into your normal routine.

    Love and hugs x

    1. Thank you Miamina, I am forcing myself to take it slow even if I dont want to..but I will because I dont want to end up where I started! loll x

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Keebs! I am feeling better too so I shall be back for another visit! lol
      Dont panic, just kidding!

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