16 Oct 2013

FSF: Enrapture


All three of us were bound together by that beyond our reach; I was cursed to spend eternity enraptured by him, he was cursed to spend eternity enraptured by her and she was cursed to spend eternity without rapture.

Each of us driven by the desire to break the curse was prepared to do whatever it would take; we formed an alliance and searched every corner of our lands, following every clue, taking every mission, trying everything in search of the elusive cure.

Each year that passed left a scar that wouldn’t heal, and it wasn’t long until we were nothing more than mercenaries, barely resembling those people we once were.

We were all but resigned to our fate when we were summoned to the witch’s court and told of the cure, we only needed to do them one small favour and at last we would be free.

I couldn’t breathe.

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  1. The favor must have had something to do with leaving your readers in the dark! :) fun story though...

    1. You'll have to use your imagination Hap! Lol

  2. nicely left hanging...... :-)


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