12 Aug 2013

**SNEAK PEEK** by request

I asked earlier on Facebook if anyone fancied a sneaky peak at the as yet unfinished, well, I appear to be only slightly generous on this front but because I had some yes's I have some very brief sneak peeks! lol

I wasnt sure what to let you see, and asked on Twitter for some page numbers...first up is a paragraph from page 71...

Clare had been seething at that remark, not least because she could relate to it, but because it was her son who would bear the brunt of it. She had stormed out of the hospital, ignoring everyone as she did so and headed straight for her car. Her head was down as she exited the building and she didn't see the police car until it was almost touching her leg as she stepped out into the road. She looked up like a deer caught in the headlights and half smiled apologetically at the windscreen. It was then that she saw that it was Rob and another officer in the car and in an instant, the rage and hatred she felt towards Sarah was gone, replaced with the warmth and love that she felt for her son. Not wanting to draw too much attention than she had, she scuttled off to her car mouthing the word ‘sorry’ and both had waved at her.
That night Clare wrote to him, telling him not to marry Sarah, but at coffee the following week Meg said “Rob is getting married, I mean of course he is he is engaged, but they have set a date. They are going to go to Gretna Green, isn’t that sweet?” Clare’s heart sank into her toes, it didn't even buckle at her knees but went straight through, where it sat for many weeks. Clare felt weighed down by it as if she was somehow responsible.

The next suggestion was page 39 but we have had a peek at that page before so here is a sneaky peek at a paragraph on page 93.

      Rob nearly jumped out of his skin when a voice bellowed out of the damn thing "I won’t tell you again Kent, YOU KEEP YOUR BLOODY SNOOPING NOSE OUT OF MY BUSINESS and if you know what’s good for you then you will take note. I am deadly serious and I don't play games"
Rob instantly recognised the voice this time as Grahams, he hadn’t realised that they knew each other and then he heard Kent’s voice "Look, I know what I know and I won’t tell anyone, but you have to promise me that you will stay away from Rob Mason" pleaded Kent. "YOU do not tell me what I can and cannot do Kent, have you forgotten who is in charge here? Who holds all the cards? Its ME. You'd do well to remember that." "I..I..I'm not a fool Graham, I know what you are doing and it’s wrong. You can't win this way, I won’t let you. I would rather die than see you ruin people’s lives" stammered Kent. "Interesting choice of words Kent. Don't question me. I can arrange it that you never see the light of day again." and he laughed until the recording stopped. Rob had no idea why Graham would be interested in him, or in hurting him, when he had been introduced at The Raven it had been a struggle for the man to even make eye contact with him, he had just looked straight past him as though he wasn't there.

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  1. I think it's a good thing we're only allowed a 'brief peek' 'cos it fuels the need to see more and by your not allowing more the need to see more escalates even further until the reader is forced to bang upon your virtual door to demand....more!!!.....*and breathe*...Keep up the good work dudette!!....:D xx

    1. Thanks, the previous post about inspired quotes will make sense now if you have read both. I appreciate the support and feedback.

  2. gotta read it all now.Write,write,write....can't wait


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