19 Aug 2013

#Monday Mixer - I WOZ ERE

I have been having a crisis of confidence (as is the case with writers I guess) this past week for a multitude of reasons.  So in true TSK show fashion I am going to work through it by writing about it BUT contrary to my usual poetic release I am using a seven prompt (over-achiever category) story for this week’s Monday Mixer.

The need to garner peers approval, audience approval and self-approval was distracting. Writing challenges seemed to be a way of gathering swank – did that make him a swanker? He wasn’t entirely sure. A story here, a tale there, an occasional poem bordering on mawkish drivel, all courtesy of his daily prompt; draconian self-flagellation.  

A slurry of words slinked across the page in a defeatist attempt to warrant acceptance, but slurry it was. Sportive storylines neatly hiding traumatised characters amongst a haze of repetitive synonyms only served to entertain the author but left readers reaching for the virtual remote. Could the author posit one of life’s tragedies as a consolation?  Unlikely. 

Writing through hoops (or is it loops, bands, circles, rings, rounds, girdles?), building crystal empires that shatter at the feeblest touch and jumping headlong into imagined flames, earning cinder mark scars, an indelible imprint in his mind. I WOZ ERE.

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EDIT: Results are in!

Kate for her story I Woz Ere. I found this an especially delightful entry since Kate has had some exceptionally poor luck with past entries into the Mixer. I consider it an admirable tribute to her will that she has chosen to learn and grow from the experience rather than becoming especially bitter. As one who writes a LOT of flash fiction and submits a great many things for consideration to various venues, I can appreciate the frustration, doubt and self-flaggelation that are all part and parcel of the writer's trade and how deftly Kate describes it. I enjoyed the laundry list of synonyms as I often struggle to find the right word myself. Congrats on a job most excellently done!


  1. I think the first use of swank was not as a verb, but I liked the autobiographical self-reflection on the task. Loved the Thesaurus like quality of the last part, showing the pretension of the male protagonist.

  2. Ha! I am not too concerned, it's for fun :) I like to give Jeff plenty to find fault with. Thank you for stopping by & taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

  3. Loved this Kate, especially the last paragraph! Well done on the Win! :D

    1. Thanks Lisa :) It was a nice surprise.


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