31 Jul 2013

FSF - Limitless


This was last weeks prompt of limitless - you don't have to use the word and I have vaguely attempted to imply that something is limitless within this piece, I have also written a ridiculously long fifth sentence! I hope you can make allowances for me and enjoy this piece. Check out the others here.


She stood there smiling up at him inanely in an attempt to look riveted by his current topic of conversation; the lifespan of diesel engines (a topic that had no end it seemed), it was her fifth date this week and surprisingly not the most boring.

Admittedly, she could have made more of an effort in leading the conversation but she hadn’t yet felt a connection with any of them and hoped her non-participation would make them end the date sooner but she had no such luck!

She had been staring at him in feigned interest for far too long and when she blinked her eyes began to water causing him to look over and notice her for a moment, he frowned a little and paused mid-sentence as if he was going to say something, she looked back at him and raised an eyebrow in anticipation but he just resumed the conversation.

She was glad to be home, flung of her shoes and collapsed into the sofa, she grabbed the TV remote and switched on to see what her Sky box had recorded in her absence.

“Alright mate, it was awful, I will never go on a date you set me up on again man, that woman was strange, she stood there gawping at me and not saying anything, I could see she wasn’t listening so I started talking about diesel engines, and I swear to god I think she was moved by it, she had a tear in her eye and everything!”

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  1. love it. Final sentence made me laugh out loud.

    1. Thanks :) Glad I made you laugh!

  2. Social engagement!

    You really know the ropes here.

    Sometimes it is easier to relate to a pet! :)

    I enjoyed and felt for your characters, they try hard
    but no one really connected! Is that thing the standard
    of the time? Selfishness? :)

    Thank you, for a very good tale.

    Od Liam

    1. Thank you Od Liam, welcome too! I think it leans more towards that way than previously sadly.

  3. You've got a good eye (ear? no... I'll stick with eye) for comedy.

    1. It's my go to in every situation! Also have written quite sad pieces thus week & wanted some light relief.


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