18 Jul 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Wisdom

I took an untold amount of liberties with my sentences for this but at least I am writing....yes, a poor excuse I know!

Word to the Wise

Don had been listening to Maria talk non-stop since they left the restaurant and he was starting to question why he had agreed to do this for his friend.

'People who say they have gotten wiser with age are bloody liars, you may have lived longer and made more mistakes but you never learn, how many people have told you that if they could live their lives again they wouldn't change a thing? Does that sound like wisdom?' bellowed Maria over the sound of the jukebox blasting out 'Woman be wise' by Bonnie Raitt.

'Erm, I'm not sure that is really what she is singing about' Don said in response, 'But I was asking if you wanted to live forever?' he said as he gently moved her into the darkened corner of the nightclub.

'Dunno, never really thought about it...'spose so...but its not possible is it...hahahah' and she giggled, 'unless you're one of those supernatural thingies, whadyacallit...oh you know...the one that bites people...with the fangs....'

Don smiled and widened his mouth to reveal two sharp teeth and he felt the familiar tingling sensation on his skin when he saw the terror in her eyes, 'Vampire?' he suggested.


  1. Hehe, love the dialogue between them, quirky and fun. Great job :)

  2. OoOoo love this!!...You don't expect the outcome...and you've managed to set a scene far more expansive than the brevity of the piece would at first suggest!!...Excellent!!......:D


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