6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Monday Mixer!


I can't believe how quiet I have been this past week but here is my contribution to Monday Mixer. Today (in the UK) is Bank Holiday Monday and so I took 20 minutes out to have a go. What do you think?


The excitement built in the pit of her stomach as she stood amid a repository of Skullectra fans. Scanning the crowd in the arena she smiled at the number of middle-aged, balding, leather-clad rockers there.

The stage had been set, the instruments were poised, a long walkway protruded out splitting the crowd like a portmanteau. Her skin began to tingle as silence settled on the crowd.

The still sexy lead singer strutted onto the stage carrying his trademark concertina. As usual, he was voluble as he thanked the fans for their support, and for a moment she worried they would disappoint.

The lights flashed, the drum corralled and the guitar began to wail as Skullectra began their comeback tour.  The music roared and rallied as it had in ‘83, the band effulgent as they played their original hits. The middle-aged, balding, leather-clad rockers head banged in unison as did she.

a repository, arena, portmanteau, concertina, voluble, effulgent

I have no idea if there is a band called Skullectra?!


  1. I like the picture of the rock concert - ha
    Hope you enjoy your holiday.

    I like the way you created a rock concert for oldsters with these words / enjoyable

  2. Ha ha, Skullectra is a cool name! Great use of words!


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