25 Mar 2013

The Pasty Tour lands in Bulgaria

Morning all!

Its the first stop on the last leg of The Pasty Tour! Can you believe it has gone by so quickly? me neither.

Well, you are in for a great treat today, and that is an understatement!

Today I am hosted by another stitcher Nina from Bulgaria, and boy has she spoiled me with these fantastic interviews AND yes, she will be stitching  a prize for the giveaway for the lucky winner so get yourself entered pronto! lol If that isnt enough she will aslo be posting a review of the eBook - which will be the first one on the tour! Fingers crossed she liked it :D

Enough from me go and check out here post here:


And feel free to leave her some comments and encouragement, its her first time doing something like this (I am so honoured) and she may do more! Yippee!

Thanks a bunch

Kate x


  1. It did go by really quickly, but very successfully (at least I thought so)! Congrats published author!

    1. THanks Keebs! We best not get ahead of ourselves as there is one more stop!! How cool is that?
      See you on Wednesday?


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