28 Mar 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: FLAME


Today is the day before the last day on my Tour Schedule.
I am not going to another blog tomorrow but staying here. Enjoying the fact that its Good Friday and I am not at work and also I hope to have something for a blog tour Finale.
Shockingly, I have not planned that far ahead yet! After all, I still have 24 hours’ish.

Flame was the prompt word and she let that float around her head for a while; flame of desire, moths to a flame, flame I wanna live forever!
She waited a while for the story to appear in her imagination and when at first it didn’t, she waited a little longer.
It had been a week full of uninspired moments, which for her was unusual, having always been quick to start imagining.

She tapped her right-hand forefinger on the ‘J’ key whilst she waited expectantly; braced for the words to start forming into sentences in her head, how hard could it be she thought, she only needed five.

So there she sat poised, waiting for a small flicker of inspiration to strike.
All comments welcomed, embraced, molly-coddled and tickled.
Kate x


  1. Oh, man... Can I relate to this. Good choice. :)

    1. Thanks Jayne - its been one of those weeks! lol

  2. Alas, seared by the broiling flame of non-inspiration.


  3. Well, I can definitely empathize! Good job!

  4. Ah! I adore this piece. Such a clever use of the prompt, and certainly something we can all relate to :)

  5. This is extremely clever Kate; capturing a moment we have all experienced so well. A great and unexpected take on the prompt. xx

    1. Hi Lizzie, thank you, thanks for taking the time to comment :D


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