12 Feb 2013

Marjie Myers Blog Tour 2013

How are you all? Good I hope.
I have some more news! I know as if the A to Z challenge news wasn’t enough – I like to spoil you all :D
Well…there is a whole month called March before April begins and I shall be going on a Blog Tour! Or at the very least I hope I will be.
To be honest, hey…come a little closer…let’s keep this between us, I am not 100% sure what they are! Shhhhh…our secret okay?
I think what happens is I take the wares that I am trying to offload from blog to blog in the hope that I can be free of them…I like to keep things simple and I have visions of reading about existing blog tours and getting all paranoid, worked up and confused by it all, so I am hoping for some kindly bloggers who are willing to host me on their blog for just one post on one day in March. Could that be you?
So…keeping it simple…
·         A copy of my ebook for FREE <<< it says free but I guess hosting me is the catch?
·         I’d also like to offer you a badge for your website (providing I can get one sorted) but you don’t have to have it.  
·         Increased visitors to your blog as I will promote it during the tour.
·         A friend for life and
·         Prestige of being involved in Marjie Myers first ever Blog Tour!  Oh the prestige :D

·         Increased awareness of my ebook
·         Some feedback
·         New fans

·         Let me know, you can email me at dekeboo@hotmail.co.uk, that you are interested in taking part.
·         Read the ebook.
·         Write a blog post about the ebook, you can do this in any way you like, maybe a mini-review, or an interview with yours truly, or anything really.
·         Send you a copy of my ebook.
·         Publicise on my own blog about your participation.
·         Promote your post via social media.

Or at least this is how I think it’s done…you know what…this is how I am doing it!
I can’t expect you to just offer or agree without first telling you a little bit about the stories in the ebook.
Yes, I said stories :D
This is going to be the Cornish pasty of ebooks. A savoury story and a sweet story.
Anna is an independent confident career woman. It’s Halloween night when her usual walk home and to the loving arms of her boyfriend Andy doesn’t go to plan. Dressed as the bride of Frankenstein, she ends up having to fight for every breath that she takes, in a twisted game of spot the difference.  
But if that is too creepy for you and you need to cleanse your mind with delicious sweetness then the second story in the ebook is the new and improved version of the Christmas tale ‘Twelve Days’.
Ryan is a hopeless romantic. He is hopeless at romance. Sarah has never complained but Ryan wants to prove that he can learn and decides to propose to her by giving her twelve days that she won’t forget. As each day passes Ryans attempts at romance go from bad to worse to he just might pull this off. Can he win your heart too?
So…if I haven’t scared you all off…who’s in? Anyone?
Leave a comment, send me an email, do a little dance, whatever makes you happy :D Don’t worry if you can’t host me during my tour – you can still stop by during the tour and see what people are saying about it – and you can still download the ebook after the tour is over!
Phew! Did any of that make sense? Explain it to me! All I know is…its all quite exciting!


  1. wow! can't wait:-)xx

    1. heheh - me neither she said tentatively

  2. Well I'm dancing so I guess that means I'm in!!!!

  3. I'd love to help. I'll email you too!

    1. Thanks Annalisa, i received your email. I am very grateful.

  4. Oh, I would like to join in too!


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