25 Feb 2013

Cover Art Revealed! **update**

Hello All...

Are you ready for the Blog Tour next month? Are you ready for next month? How is it almost March!? I thought last year whizzed by but this year seems to have the lead. So, I am going to attempt the Monday Mixer flash fiction challenge later today, so keep an eye out for that as I attempt to do the impossible.

I am just stopping by to let you know about the upcoming tour dates. I am sure you all want to pencil them into your diaries and dont worry about forgetting as I shall be reminding you too!

You are in for a real treat because not only have they kindly agreed to host me during my tour but they also happen to have great blogs!

But first up..**drum roll please** here is the Cover Art! What do you think?

If that hasnt got you excited then check out the blogs I shall be visiting on the tour in March!

7th    Gig Blog UK
15th    Keebles World
21st    Office Mango
25th    Bla. Bla? Bla!

Yes you have read that correctly! At the end of the month we shall be back here for a tour finale! Its a chance for you to give feedback on the blogs that we visit and what you thought of the whole thing. I shall share my experience too as a newbie having read the guidelines to a blog tour AFTER I went ahead and arranged one!

If you still want to get involved you have 92hrs left to tell me :) Not sure what to do? Me neither! My plan is to have fun with it as well as introduce people to new blogs and my eBook.

Even if you don't feel up to it you can enter the giveaway!

I'm back! with an update...every tour needs a name...this shall be 'The Pasty Tour' :) Check out blog posts and interviews to find out why!



  1. Replies
    1. I am now following your blog Hap :))

  2. I like the cover art. I look forward to having you over at my Blog. Just make sure to wipe your feet, and don't feed the carnivorous plants.

    1. Thanks - I hope it represents both the stories - I shall happily wipe my feet as long as I can put my shoes back on afterwards? And...erm...carniverous?! Time to make sure the life insurance is all up to date.

  3. The cover art looks terrific! I can't wait for your tour to stop in at my blog. :D

    1. I am so excited, I can't wait to stop by either! :D

  4. I'm looking forward to having you over to visit on the 19th, Kate :-)

    1. Thanks Annalisa, I am looking forward to it too!

  5. Love that cover!!....My Gutter will be fully gutted for your arrival...AND all pigeons will have been sedated so as to avoid any awkward moments...(especially with sex starved Stan being as ...erm...friendly as he is at the minute! ) ...Oh yes...and I'm making us each a 'Onesie' out of....well...that will be a surprise!...See you soon!...:D


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