2 Jan 2013

2012 Review Playlist

Last year I wrote 13 reviews of bands that I discovered through Twitter and SoundCloud, today I have made a playlist of 13 songs (plus some bonus tracks), my favourite from each band I reviewed.

In order of appearance on this blog;


You used to be ok

The Auctioneer


Starstruck forever and ever

In The Go

Skeleton Party Nose

I should add that they released a new EP before Christmas that you should check out, a sneaky listen is the track: Altruist (a lighter tone)

Slow Readers Club

One More Minute

Feet on Fire

Narrow Plains

Somewhere In Between

Take Me Back

Catching Rockets

I Ran Miles

Duke and the Darlings

Stop and Go

Gaolers Daughter

How Do You Know

When We Were Young


The Eleventh Hour Initiative

Try and get some sleep

The Bloody Quills

The Chase

Home & Tea

Tele Mori

Listening while I sleep



Later today I will post a list of my favourite releases this year! I hope you will come back for it :)

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