15 Nov 2012

Thursday truths...introducing....

Untitled DocumentThursday truths is a chance for me to rant about something rattling around in my brain cell or to tell you a tale of my life to date. I do the same thing on a Tuesday, and last Tuesdays Cairo tale was rather lengthy, so to avoid boredom I have decided to keep it short today! A little shorter....

You see, a couple of weeks ago, I opened a second Twitter account to use to tweet about my writerly journey, life and writing. I intend to tweet about what I am writing, whether it is a poem or a song or some flash fiction or my current novel, it will be tweeted about there.

There are two weeks left of #NaNoWriMo and each day I will tweet 140 characters from a sentence that has been written that day, for example yesterday I tweeted:

'some love is so great that you cannot control it, you are a slave to it and you will do whatever it takes to have it'

I will also be around between the hours of 8-10pm (GMT) to answer any questions you may have about aforementioned writerly stuff.

As I am pretty new to all this (I have always had stories in my head) and am new to making them publicly available, I will also tweet things about that I have discovered, learnt or any questions that I have about writing.

I hope that if you have visited here today then you will follow me and share your journey @marjiemyers
So...Thursday truths today is about why I have chosen Marjie Myers as my pen name...

I think that I have always wanted to write, actually I know that, and I remember as a child hearing on the news about an 8 year old boy who had written a book and I was 10 at the time, all I could think was I could do that! Ah! the precociousness of children...I may not be so sure these days but the one thing I am sure about it that I have always wanted to write and a pen name.

My name is ok, but I have never thought it gave the right impression, maybe the pen name I have chosen doesnt either but as a self-respecting wannabe, I have created a whole writerly persona to go with the name. She is much more confident and maybe less silly but still overly friendly and smiley.

The name itself, comes from my Grandmothers middle name and maiden name, and it just clicked for me. I had to check with my grandma to make sure she was ok with me using half her name for my own personal use and I think she was. She cried happy tears. I just dont want to misuse it and so will try to produce my very best writing under that pseudonym.

Have you got an alter-ego? Have you got a pen name? What impression do you think this name gives?


  1. Finally got around to following you. I am sorry for this oversight, the self flagellation shall begin in due course.

    Interesting to learn about your pen name. My pen name is Johnny Sexbuttocks, as I feel it reflects my personality better. It doesn't tend to sell children's books though...

    1. Oversight?! Lucky escape more like it :D But flagellate away as I have a feeling you are using this as an excuse to do so....?

      Strange that? Sounds like a name that would be popular although I am more likely to be swayed by a Johnny Sexpack.

      ......oh! yeah....welcome and leave that poop producing crumb grabbing revolution feather frolicking pal at home when visiting! ;)

    2. No problem, I'll keep him at wing's length while I'm here :)

      Johnny Sexpack sounds like something you could potentially purchase at your local pharmacist. I would list the contents, but I might get carried away.

    3. Yessss......hmmmm....now there's a thought.....hmmmmm.....and its gone! Damn short term memory. But what were you saying about Sexpack?!

  2. I thought about using a pen name years ago, but in the end decided I wanted to see my name on my books. I can understand why people choose to have them though - and I love the idea of you creating a new personality to go with the name! I'm following your alter ego too!

    1. Thanks Annalisa, I can understand keeping your name too, I can't seem to find you on @marjiemyers as I was going to follow you back, have you accidentally blocked me? That "apparently" happened to someone else! lol have a great weekend.

    2. I don't think I actually followed you earlier - d'oh! I definitely have this time :-)

  3. The four books that I have started over the years have never contained my real name (probably because if anyone where to actually read them, I wouldn't want them to know that crap came from me). Most of my characters are usually middle names or ties to names of people that are important to me (or have been in the past) and the characters personalities are also based on those people. That's why I don't ever finish stories...I can't come up with anything original!


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