12 Oct 2012

Well, well, well....


Where do I start? I haven't seemed to have enough hours in the day lately for everything that I want to do! Why does that happen? You think you have plenty of time and then all of a sudden you're overloaded - lol!

Crochet - I have continued with the crochet blanket, going for slow and steady and I do a little bit when my brain is frazzled.

Stitching - eek! The Halloween exchange piece is winging its way across the ocean to Shannon and my Christmas stitches are in hiding.

Knitting - I haven't done any since my last update, but will probably try and do some before the month is over.

Blog reading - I have over 1000 posts to read! I intend to do that this weekend, so look out for me commenting on all your wonderful treasures. :)

Music - As usual I have been listening to lots of music, some new, some old and some very different. I posted a music review on my blog this week for anyone interested.

Writing - well, I have been very busy writing from daily prompts and enjoying it immensely, but recently I had a thriller series on my blog. I was up to 10 parts through it when it occurred to me that it had the potential to be a great novel for me to write during NaNoWriMo. If anyone missed it and wants a taster then let me know and I will email it over to you! - be warned there is no ending as there was 12 parts to it and I only released 10.

Other news....I have not yet redesigned this blog! My birthday is Monday so with the deadline looming I should get it done. But how to choose between all of the above (I have two band interviews!) - shall I just put them all in a hat and pull one out?

I look forward to checking up on you this weekend! Folllow me on Twitter if you're on there.

Bye for now


P.S Here are some photo's from a gig I went to at Shepherds Bush (F.U.N) and some grass (lol!) and cupcakes.


  1. Happy blog reading!! I finally annihilated my list!! Good luck with the blog redesign. ;) Looking forward to seeing it. :D

  2. sending you lots of love and best wishes..
    hugs xxx

  3. Some days really need to be more than 24 hours, don't they? Like your photos and good luck with the blog redesign.

    1. They do Bea, they do! That blog redesign...hmmm...still not done! Need more hours :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I am so behind in everything too. Hope you have a nice birthday on Monday!

  5. Fun pictures! Love the cupcakes! happy birthday to you (on Monday!) Can't wait to see your new blog design!
    P.S. - My husband loves your music reviews...I was just checking them out and playing some of the videos/music...and his ears perked up!

    1. I can't wait to see it either! lol!
      I really appreciate you telling me that your hubby likes them - Music reviews are the worst as no-one ever comments on them regardless of who writes them - so it is good to hear someone is enjoying them. I have another one to be posted today (19th Oct) which I hope he also like.
      Thank you Lesli


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